Welcome to Tumeloonline !

As you could have probably noticed by now, my name is Tumelo Mahule. This blog is about my journey through life while focusing on: split ends, Books, Wine and everything in between.

I’ve started this blog a while ago and this is a face lift (I hope you like it, especially if you know where it comes from). Click on the menu and go through the few blog posts I’ve made, I hope you enjoy it.

I started this blog in the second half of 2018 during my gap year shortly after completing high school. The subsequent year, I enrolled in the University of the Western Cape where I’m currently completing my degree(s). Ever since, I haven’t been able to keep up much with regular blog posts, I think I have ptsd from all the reading and writing I have done in school, that doing it for leisure seems like so much effort .

This is however a new dawn & an effort to more content!

For me, my life is a journey

-Jay Electronic

Join me for the ride?